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Portable Light towers

Discover the benefits of Radar LED light towers for a wide range of applications. Enjoy bright and consistent light over their extended lifespan and lower operating costs thanks to their efficient fuel consumption and highly resistant LED floodlights. Experience how ease that they bring to your worksite: easy to transport, easy to maintain, and easy to operate, while providing the best luminosity. Talk to us to discuss how Radar LED light towers can benefit your application.


Exceptional Quality

Hard Metal Body

60% Fuel Effeiency

RCCB Protection

Advanced Tech

First-Rate Materials

Built to Last

Radar PLT1600


LED light tower single-cylinder engine

Key Features 
Digital controller
Power outlet socket
60% Fuel Efficiency
RCCB protected for safety

Electric winch options
Spillage Free Frame

Radar PLT1600S

LED light tower Two-cylinder engine

Key Features 
LED Lamps with IP67
Digital Controller
Efficient light tower setup
High Efficacy LED Lamps 150lm/ watt
Durable Metal Canopy
Silent at Work
High Safety design

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